“Come, Join with us.”

Pre-packaged retail stores are available now!


With any new business you have two challenges: Developing the product or service and then seeing what, if anything, people are willing to pay you for it.

Purchasing an existing GizmoDr location you will have the benefit of purchasing a 100% turnkey business with nothing needed to start making money on day one. Each location has existing infrastructure, including customers, suppliers, employees, equipment and systems. This will allow you to focus on building the business as opposed to a start-up from scratch where everything begins at point zero. We have several existing locations within the Atlanta Metropolitan area with great traffic counts, visibility and awesome margins.


  • Immediate operation — Someone else has gotten the company started, and once you take over, you can usually continue the status quo.
  • Quick cash flow — Existing inventory and receivables can generate income from the first day.
  • Existing customers — Customers and suppliers have already been located, and relationships with them have been established.
  • Easier financing — Financing is easier to obtain because the business has a track record.
  • Less competition — Buying a business may eliminate a competitor that you would have had if you had started from scratch.
  • Competition:Minimal
  • Growth/Expansion:Owner will discuss privately with prospects due to confidentiality concerns.
  • Financing:Poss. of some owner financing.
  • Support/Training:Complete training and transition assistance from the seller. Up to 90 days on-going technical and operational support.
  • Reason for Selling: Expansion of the GizmoDr brand. The GizmoDr plan to deploy 5 additional retail locations in the Metro Atlanta area over the next 11 months beginning first quarter 2016.
The GizmoDr offers entrepreneurs multiple opportunities to be a part of the growing smartphone repair industry. Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur with vast experience or simply looking to be your own boss, the GizmoDr has the right program to fit your lifestyle. Reach your personal goals by choosing from one of our individualized programs: Single-Unit owner, Multi-Unit owner, Partnership Programs, and/or Area Developer Programs.

Thank you for your interest in the GizmoDr. Please complete the form below to have a representative contact you. All information is kept strictly confidential.


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